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We manufacture high quality abrasive products suitable for cast iron, steel, stainless steel, iron, other non metals, concrete and stone. Abrasive products are made to trim, clean up and leave an even and smooth surface.

Every product we sell is manufactured in Sweden and the components are weighed and mixed by hand. Our products are also balanced and tested before distribution. All abrasive products from Swedish Abrasives are bound in phenolic plastic. Products from Swedish Abrasives are long lasting and suitable for customers who work with rough materials. The products are extremely time-efficient and can be used in air-powered, handheld or stationary machinery.

In our catalog we present our main products. If you are missing something in Swedish Abrasive's offer, it means that this is not a standard product, but we are used to develop new customized products for our customers. This can include rare measures or dimensions, other types of bolts or sizes, or similar.

We always find it interesting to work with new challenges and you can reach us easily by using the website contact form or by telephone.